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Luke began as an acoustic artist in 2015, when his brother Chris Appleton released his debut acoustic album 'Restless'. Luke recorded and co wrote on 2 tracks on the album, 'How Will I Feel When You're Gone' and 'Wonders of The World'. Wizz Beauprez from the band 'Wizz Wizzard' was the other guest musician on the record. The trio went out as 'Chris Appleton Acoustic' touring the UK and certain areas of Europe promoting 'Restless' and also performing Fury UK and Wizz Wizzard songs acoustically. 

Many months later, Chris began touring heavily with Blaze Bayley again, as he is the lead guitarist in the band. Therefore, Luke and Wizz joined together to make a side project which they eventually called themselves 'Dance With The Duvel'. The duo toured a similar circuit in the UK and Europe as the Chris Appleton Acoustic project. Dance With The Duvel wrote and recorded a music video for the song Reflection, which was recorded at Salford University in Manchester, UK. Jack Bowden produced and engineered the track. 


In early 2016, Luke & Chris's band mate and dear friend Wizz Beauprez passed away. It was a very difficult time for the Appleton family, as they shared a great bond with Wizz and the rest of his family. Before Wizz passed away, he had planned his funeral with his wife Korolien. Wizz's wish, was that Luke & Chris would perform live at the funeral his favourite Fury UK song 'I See Red'...and so they did. An unbelievable send off and an amazing human being that many people will remember with fond memories and love. 

This therefore leaving Luke on his own, as Chris was still heavy on touring with Blaze Bayley and Luke having some time off from Iced Earth. Luke decided to go solo and record his very own debut EP 'How Does It Feel To Be Alive?'. This was released in March 2018, which then followed an extensive European tour supporting Blaze Bayley on his Infinite Entanglement Part 3 world tour.

LP Cover - Snake Eyes (2019).jpg

Due to popular demand, Luke then decided to release his debut solo album entitled 'Snake Eyes' in March 2019.

Luke wanted to do something more than 'just' an acoustic album. Therefore, he included other instruments to present different dynamics such as: electric guitar, slide guitar, midi orchestra and percussion.


Snake Eyes also featured special guests musicians from the likes of: 

Gene Adam (Purgatory & ex- Iced Earth)

Chris Appleton (Absolva & Blaze Bayley)

Theresa Smith (Metaprism)

Rishi Mehta (Babylon Fire) 

Touring all over the UK & Europe, Luke also invites special guests to join him on stage at certain shows. The most frequent guests being Becky Baldwin (Hands Off Gretel & Fury) on bass and Rishi Mehta (Babylon Fire) on guitar. 

"Snake Eyes is one of my proudest releases to date! Lyrically and in terms of song structure I couldn't be happier! I wanted to capture something that was different to other acoustic albums and my biggest influence for that was Myles Kennedy (Alter Bridge) with his solo album 'Year of The Tiger'.

Luke Appleton

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