Luke endorses Cort guitars. He has had this deal ever since the Fury UK days. Luke has always loved the sound and feel of the Cort basses. The main bass he played with Fury UK was a Cort EVL 76B, 4 string with EMG Pickups. This bass has seen many tours and was used to record on Fury UK's 'VR' and 'A Way Of Life' albums.


"Cort have always been very good to me and always tried to supply me with the best deals and best equipment for the type of music I play and the style of playing I am going for. When I first picked up the EVL 76B, I immediately fell in love with it! This bass has such a heavy warm tone to it. This is a bass that I still always enjoy playing and take to the studio with me with whatever band I am with."

Luke Appleton

One of Luke's latest basses is the Cort GB5 Custom with Bass Line Pickups. Luke picked this bass mainly to use with Iced Earth as the band like to have that extra low end from a 5 string bass. The GB5 Custom definitely satisfies Luke's need for a grunting sounding bass with lots of low end. 

"The GB5 Custom is a bass I'm very happy to have in my collection! It has served me very well so far and I cannot wait to take it out on the road more and to record with it on studio albums for Iced Earth."

Luke Appleton












In Absolva, Luke is the rhythm/lead guitar player alongside his brother Chris. Luke endorses Chapman guitars and his guitar of choice is the Chapman Ghost Fret Pro, with Chapman Primordial Humbucker Pickups. 

For guitar amps, Luke uses an ENGL Screamer or Powerball with a 2x12 ENGL cabinet.


"I am a rhythm player and always will be. The Gibson Les Paul is the perfect guitar to give me that huge rhythm sound for a metal band. Ever since I joined Absolva I have always used the Les Paul and don't plan on changing. I love the weight of the body, the sound, the feel. Its definitely the guitar for me!"

Luke Appleton

When Luke is performing acoustic shows, he uses a Cort NDX50 Acoustic guitar, which has a Mahogany neck, Rose Wood body and a Fishman Preamp.

Luke has endorsed Gallien Krueger amps & cabs since November 2017. His choice of models are the 2001 RB & 1001RB and 4x12 cabinets.

Below are some more images of Luke with some instruments and cabinets he has played over the years...


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