Luke Appleton's music career has progressed massively over the years, performing with the likes of Iced Earth, Blaze Bayley (Ex Iron Maiden) and Absolva. 


Luke grew up in Manchester, UK. He discovered his passion and love for music when he was 11 years old. Luke's father 'Mark Appleton' is a very talented guitarist, whose style was mainly influenced by blues bands, with the odd progressive side thrown into it. Mark, taught Luke's brother 'Chris Appleton' the guitar, where Chris found his interest in bands such as AC/DC & Black Sabbath. Mark and Chris therefore taught Luke how to play the guitar. However, something about the guitar never quite fit with Luke, so he decided to take up the bass guitar.


"When I first started to learn how to play the bass, I felt a sudden urge of creativity in my life, which I had never felt before. I finally found something that suited me. I've tried sports, a couple of other instruments and martial arts, but I never found that true spark until I picked up my first bass"

Luke Appleton


Luke joined his first band when he was 13, called 'Breakdown' with a couple of young school friends. They played various shows mainly in the Manchester area and released two E.P's, 'Just Three Words' & 'Lonely Road'. 


Over the years Luke's music style was rather consistent. He is very much a lover of the old school metal such as, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Megadeth, Black Sabbath. This definetely showed in his style of playing!  Luke is a very heavy handed player, especially with his pick attack. He has alot of Thrash elements to his playing, which he liked. He believes in playing tight with the drums and his passion and energy would show that on stage. 














"The thing that most people miss about playing the bass is that you have to play with the drums, whether you are in a rock band, a metal band or even a jazz band...its an unwritten law! The bass and the drums is the ground level of a band. It helps keep the groove, the flow and improves the sound dramatically when the bass and drums are in sync together. When I am in a band, either writing or learning a song, I always concentrate on what the kick drum is doing or think of new ideas for what the drums and bass can be doing together. If you are in time and know how to play with the drums, then you have the skill to become a great bass player!"

Luke Appleton 


In the summer of 2008, Luke joined his brothers band 'Fury UK'. Luke had always looked up to Fury UK, as his brother Chris has a very good attitude about touring and where he wanted to go with his music career. Fury UK were touring up and down the UK more or less every week. When Luke got offered the job, his first show would be Bloodstock Open Air 7 days after the first rehearsal. During and after Luke finished High School, Fury UK then went on to do extensive tours over the years all around the UK & Europe with bands such as, Saxon, Blaze Bayley (Ex Iron Maiden), Y&T, MSG (Michael Schenker Group) and Iced Earth.




After touring with Blaze Bayley (ex Iron Maiden) in summer of 2009, Blaze was very impressed with the band. Fury UK and Blaze shared a good bond together which then led to playing more shows together, as Blaze invited Fury UK to go on tour with him around Greece and Switzerland. Further more, Blaze then asked Luke to deputise on bass in 2010 as his former bassist had to leave the country for visa issues.  

"With talent, precision, power and a deep understanding of his instrument and music, Luke Appleton is someone I always enjoy working with"


Blaze Bayley (ex Iron Maiden & Wolfsbane)


A few months after Fury UK supported Iced Earth around Europe in late 2011, Luke got a vey interesting phone call that changed his life completely, as he was offered the job to join Iced Earth as their permanent bassist. 


"I can remember to this day what happened when I got the phone call. When I heard the offer, I was absolutely speechless! I knew that Jon Schaffer of Iced Earth really loved my bass skills from what he saw on the tour in 2011, but I did not expect to get offered to join Iced Earth! This really was a dream come true for me, as this is my favourte band of all time. When I discovered them supporting 'Heaven & Hell' in 2007, I was hooked!. I bought all their albums and listened to them every day after school, reading the lyrics. I did what any other sane human being would do...I snatched their hand off!"

Luke Appleton


Luke's first tour with Iced Earth was a US & Canadian tour in 2012 supporting 'Volbeat' & 'Hell Yeah'. Shortly after this tour, Iced Earth would then hit the festival season, playing shows such as 'Summer Breeze' in Germany and one of Lukes personal favourite festivals 'Bloodstock Open Air' in the UK. Towards the end of the festival season, Iced Earth filmed a live DVD in an ancient amplitheatre in Cyprus entitled 'Live In Ancient Kourion'.

“Luke plays bass like somebody who’s way beyond his years...he’s great on stage, he’s an excellent player and I expect that he’s going to just improve and improve"

Jon Schaffer (Iced Earth)


Since joining Iced Earth in 2012, Luke has done major amounts of touring with the band, all accross Europe, USA, Canada, South America, India, Australia, etc, the list still goes on! Iced Earth was then announced in 2013 whilst they were in the studio recording 'Plagues of Babylon' which was Luke's first Iced Earth recording, that the band will be supporting Volbeat in Europe. This was a huge tour for the band, as Volbeat were selling out arena's all over Europe. This was also Luke's first arena tour.


"Playing in front of that many people, is an adrenaline rush like no other! The crowds just never seemed to stop roaring throughout the entire show! This was an amazing opportunity for myself and Iced Earth, as this would expose us to a completely different audience and gain new fans. I love playing every show whether im infront of 100 people or 10,000 people, its all about the music, the atmosphere and how much power you give on stage. The more energy you give on stage, the more energy you get from the audience"

Luke Appleton

In 2015, Luke rejoined the Fury UK boys, to become a full member of the band 'Absolva'. Since Luke's time away with Iced Earth, Absolva have recorded 2 studio albums and 1 live DVD. They have done extensive tours across there UK and Europe supporting the likes of Iced Earth and Michael Schenker. Luke has now co wrote and recorded on Absolva's 'Never A Good Day To Die' and 'Defiance' albums. 

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